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Music Services

Need sheet music for your cabaret or show?

Found a killer arrangement that you would like to perform?

Heard a new song and want to use it for your next pop/rock audition?

My transcription and arranging services will give you the resources you need to perform what you want, how you want.

Drawing on years of experience as an accompanist, cabaret pianist, and ensemble musician, I know how to make your cabaret and audition material sound great and look professional.

Pricing depends on song length, music density, and complexity.  See below for guidelines and submit a message to get a free quote for your project!

Electronic music station

How It Works

1. Choose a service below and get a quote

2. Send me the audio or video you want to use, and I arrange/transcribe the music

3. You receive the finished digital products  (pdf, midi, musx, musxml formats available)

Get a Free Quote

Thanks for your request! You'll hear back soon with a quote for your project.

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